Mohawk Maker Quarterly


"What will you make today?" The first time I laid eyes on an issue of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly, it was this question that starred back up at me. I was drawn in by this seemingly simple yet powerful question and things only proceeded to get better from there. Brought to you by Mohawk (aka brilliant paper makers), this quarterly publication is an incredible blend of inspiring content, impeccable design, and tactile experience. It truly must be felt to be understood. The weight, texture, and construction all impart a sense of importance, quality, and thoughtfulness that combines to elevate the design and content contained within above anything they could have achieved on their own. Paper lovers, this book is for you. 

Now, when I was younger I frequently heard my dad say "You know son, nothing is free...". Although techhnicaalllyy I know there's truth to that statement, in the case of this quarterly issued book, it's shared generously by the fine people of Mohawk and truly is 100% free (waha! take that pops!). Go sign up right now to start receiving copies of your own and in the meantime, here's a peek at their latest issue, "Process". 

Scott SnyderComment