At Last!


It has been just about two years in the making to get this site up and running. That's certainly not to say that it should have taken that long but did. Each attempt at assembling my work, selecting a template, or picking out fonts (ugh...fonts...) revealed some shortcoming or another that I just couldn't bear to put out into the world. It's an incredibly humbling experience to collect all of your "best" work and see it together in one place. Ohhh how quickly it can reveal the gaps in your skills, cause you to doubt everything you once thought you were good at, make you want to throw your camera into a sinkhole, and go get a "real" job. However, once you're able to get over yourself a bit, it can also show the amount growth in your work over time. In a way, this two year process has proven to be a real blessing. During the past couple of years my body of work has grown immensely and I've come just that much closer to finding my "-ness" (thanks Dupree).

I'm excited to have this platform to now share my work on. I hope that it will help push and guide me as I continue to create. Outside of the portfolio portion of the site, I hope to use this journal as a creative outlet for sharing the things that I'm stoked on, smaller side projects, photo education, and the like. Additionally, I'm working to get a shop together so that I can share some of my personal photo work with you in printed form (stay tuned).

So, AT LAST, here it is! The site is live and I'm beyond stoked to have you all check it out.


Scott SnyderComment