Photo Meet-Up Posters


This past January, I had the opportunity to help my friend and ever-so talented designer, Will Mac. He had created these posters during his time at Artifact Uprising and was needing some photo assets of them for his portfolio. It was good fun getting to collaborate together outside of what we normally do at work and we were both excited to try out some fun ways to showcase these prints. Our goal was to highlight the bold monochromatic simplicity and finer design details through activated shapes, shadows, and motion. 

As a creative, I believe one of the highest levels of personal satisfaction can come from having made something with intentionality. Often, you may have just enough skill to be able to point your camera at something and get a result that is good or maybe even very good. However, if that result is not what you had truthfully intended, it can leave you feeling a bit incomplete or deflated. Inversely, when you come into a project with a specific vision and make it out the other side having crafted what you pictured in your mind, there is almost no better feeling. For me, this was one of those projects and I'm (personally) extremely pleased with the final result.

Do be sure to head on over and see this project and and the rest of Will's work at!

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